About Us

Our Farm Dream

"Courageously create the things you wish existed." - unknown

We have a dream that people in our community would take care of each other extravagantly with love.  It seemes like many times when we catch glimpses of this becoming reality, it is around a table of food.  That is why we started Captain Family Farms - to create a place where our family's love and food would intersect.  We hope when you eat our food, you will not only love the taste, but know that it was grown with love and for the purpose of making our community better.

In our dream, animals, plants and humans are all co-workers, doing their distinct "jobs" with mutual benefit to one another.  The animals munch the grass and leave their manure to build soil for the next season's vegetables.  The plants send deep roots into the earth, stabilizing the soil and bringing up nutrients to feed the people. The humans manage the system with gentleness, courage, and wisdom.  And at the end of the day, we sit down at a long table as a community and eat from what we've grown together.

It's no secret to those who know us that we are both tenacious workers and dreamy futurists.  We hope you'll entertain our vision and come join our table as we build our future together.

Our Regenerative Pledge

We pledge to use regenerative practices in growing our foods at Captain Family Farms.

We believe that a regenerative farm grows the ecosystem rather than depleting it.  In our farming practices we aim to:

We believe our regenerative farm can be the best convergence of our human goals: community, nourishment, stewarding the earth, economic sustainability, creativity, beauty, and spiritual vitality.

Our Family Heritage

We've been growing and gardening with our family since we were old enough to dig in the dirt.  Both of us grew up in gardening families, and our grandparents grew up on the farm, both in Indiana and Maryland.  Our families have taught us that caring for others is essential to being human. Captain Family Farms is our effort to take up our family's agricultural heritage, and to create the world and future we want for our children.